Afterlife or Not, Live your best Today

This past weekend, my parents came to visit and we got on the topic of the afterlife. We have a good relationship where we can talk about such serious things and each of us has a bit of a different view. Truth is, no one really knows what happens to any of us when we die. We just have faith, based on our religious beliefs or there are some who think that after this life, that’s it, we just simply die. For me, living without a belief of an afterlife or heaven, is quite depressing. I just have to have the faith that there is more to life than what happens to us during our physical life. I mean, why would God send us here and then to only have us die afterwards, without a heaven to return to? I have to believe that we are here for a purpose, but that there is more to just this life. I know its controversial, most Christians do not believe in reincarnation, but I have some sense that it is true. Granted, this is not taught in typical Christian faith, but other faiths definitely believe in it.

During our discussion, we talked about an incident in which my mom, who was very depressed after her mom passed away, had a visit from her. She said it was late at night and she was crying to herself in her bed. She said her mom appeared, however, it was a beautiful white light of love, no face, that came to her and touched her face. She telepathically told her to not worry and that she was in a beautiful place. Could my mom have been dreaming this? Perhaps. But she is very certain that this was real. I would love to believe that this was real too. Why other family members don’t come back to share this same message, we can never know. I discussed a feeling that I have been having, which may sound quite “out there”. I say that I recall having this feeling that I’m among other people and we are hearing about various lives that we could “volunteer” to live. I recall coming forward and agreeing to live the life I’m currently living. Again, whether this is just crazy nonsense or reality, I suppose I’ll find out someday! But I have this strong feeling and sort of a de ja vu feeling when it comes to this. I can totally believe that we are sent to this life to learn and teach others. I also do believe in reincarnation, that if we need to learn and teach others more, then we return. Again, I don’t profess to know whether this is the truth or not, I know that none of us know the real truth, we just have strong faith. We have the word of God and other faiths, and we choose to believe what we feel best answers our questions.

Last night I was reading scripture, and this one stood out:

1 Timothy 6:12…Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

Whether you believe in heaven or the afterlife or whether this is your only life, the main purpose is to make the best of it. You are here to make a difference, to help others, and to accomplish what you were set out to do. I have faith that there is more to this than our current life, but if this is it, let’s make the most of it.


One thought on “Afterlife or Not, Live your best Today

  1. Hi Nicole, I couldn’t agree more. At the end of the day – we have to live our lives the best way we possibly can. There is no proof, although I too feel there has to be something else, having lost my parents early in life and struggling with the realisation of how cruel this life can be. I have experienced many surreal moments, feeling somehow incredibly lifted and having a sense in my heart that I was not alone. It has happened very infrequently, but usually at a time when I need it the most.

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