Getting Off Track

What do you do when you stop practicing your faith? I tend to read the Bible and scriptures routinely for a couple of weeks, then I stop. It’s not that I lose interest, but if I miss a day, it can easily turn into a week. It’s also not a hard thing to do, meaning, I enjoy reading scripture, but I admit, I get a bit lazy at times. I suppose practicing your faith, by reading scripture daily, is a bit like being on a diet or playing an instrument or learning a new language. Practice makes perfect!

I think it’s easy for any of us to stop practicing our faith when we have other things happening in our life. However, we know that to be faithful and reading scripture can be typically comforting. But, we don’t always do what’s best for us! But, like I said, there is no real reason for my departure from my daily scripture reading than just being a tad lazy and focused on other life issues. I always tended to turn to God when things were going well, but become inward and private when things were rough. I know that’s opposite of what most do, many turn to God when they need help or are going through a rough patch.

I know it’s easy to get back into the routine. I have about twenty scripture apps downloaded on my iPhone which make it very easy to get a new daily scripture to read. Even though my ultimate goal is to read the Bible, front to back, the daily scriptures are much easier to read and I like that I can share them to twitter and facebook. I continue to pray daily, but I stopped my scripture reading and online service viewing. However, God is always in my heart. My faith never fails and I know that I can get back on track. I always feel much better about everything when I start my day with scripture.

I know I can get back on track!


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