My God Given Life Purpose

This morning I watched “CBS Sunday Morning” as I often do. I enjoy the show and the stories they highlight. I was also debating on what to blog this morning, when it became clear after seeing the story regarding Jayden Lamb. Jayden died after a long battle with Cancer, but not before making an impact on the world. His dad recalled one of his last conversations with Jayden, who remarked how he would never get married because God needed him more.

His parents decided to “Pay It Forward” while in a Starbucks line and pay for the car behind them, as a tribute to their son. That incident snowballed into several others, much like you see with the #26Acts hashtag on twitter, that was started by Ann Curry after the deaths at Sandy Hook. People post what they do to help their fellow man, such as give gift cards, leave larger tips and pay off someone’s layaway.

We should all ask that question that Jayden figured out. Basically, what does God want for us? God may not be calling us home just yet, but he has a plan for us. Are we fulfilling it here? Are we living the life that God intended? I’d like to think that my “role” in life is to connect with others dealing with a sickness. Because I have disabilities it helps me to relate and understand the struggles that others with similar symptoms live with. God has given me compassion and I pray I use that gift to the best of my abilities.

I pray we all ask ourselves what our purpose is and we pursue it. Rest in Peace Jayden. God Bless You.


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