My Latest Affirmation

My Latest Affirmation

My latest affirmation: I am not my illness, I am me, I am exactly as I am to be. Yes, I have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis disease, depression and migraines, but I am much more than that. I remember a time where that’s all that I identified with. I focused on the daily yuck of living with chronic illness versus focusing on the positive things in life. For anyone to believe that they don’t have anything positive to say, they’re wrong. The mere fact that you’re breathing is positive, so focus on that, versus the level 8 pain, the constant throbbing and aching, and the other disabling symptoms that we’ve grown accustomed to. Of course we hurt, we have fibro, arthritis etc., but we don’t have to let that be our definition.

I also know that it’s easier for me to focus on the positive because I’m a very private person. I really don’t like sharing how I feel, especially if it’s negative. I honestly don’t think people want to know about it and it does me no good to focus on that which I cannot change. I know it’s very easy to get in the habit of being negative and focusing on the daily suck that life with chronic illness can bring. I get it, life can be really crappy sometimes, all the time, if you let it. I am also not polly anna and think that just by having a positive attitude will make you better. I hate when people profess that a positive outlook will “cure” you. Being positive  doesn’t cure, but it sure as hell is a better way to live than complaining all the time. I am often amazed, and saddened, when I see people complain all the time. I honestly think those people would complain if they won a million dollars; complain that it wasn’t two million!

I also realize we all deal with life differently. Maybe some feel relief when they complain? I know some people don’t have much of a support system at home so they may feel complaining online is a way to vent and release some tension. I suppose however you feel relief, go with it. But I feel better when I’m positive. I feel like these are the cards I’ve been dealt and I will manage it the best I can.


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