#SuperSoulSunday with Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander

I’ve decided to start my Sunday’s watching CBS Sunday Morning, followed by Oprah Winfrey’s “Super Soul Sunday”. This week, she is interviewing, Eben Alexander, who is a neurosurgeon that writes about his experience with death. I’ve always loved Oprah’s shows and love the spirituality she exudes, so watching Super Soul Sunday is a no brainer for me. Eben discusses his brush with death and his encounter with God and Heaven. He has a book “Proof of Heaven” which I really want to buy. Despite Eben’s natural ability to focus on the left side of the brain, all things changed as he developed a deadly strain of meningitis, which brought him to the brink of death. During that experience, he discusses how he encountered God and Heaven.

He describes upon his descent into heaven, he was first within an earthworm view of the world, under ground seeing monster faces, then a beautiful vortex white light with melody rescues him. The white light was a portal to this beautiful valley. He meets a guide and is taken into a world of indescribable beauty. The message he received is that you are loved, deeply, cherished forever, nothing to fear and nothing you could do wrong. Eben goes on to explain that he did indeed see God. He calls “God” the divine, Om, all knowing creator of all as being sexless, existing in all awareness.

This is a beautiful message. I’ve always believed in a God of love, without gender, without judgment. God is within all of us, all things, nature, animals and humans. I have faith that one day I will be in the glory of heaven without living in chronic pain. I know that one day I will be free from the life I currently live. However, until then, I will cherish all that I do have. I have beauty and love right now. I will live happily for today.  I will pray deeply for this brings me closest to God.


One thought on “#SuperSoulSunday with Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander

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