Finding the right app to read the Bible

Yes, I identify myself as a Christian, but I’ve never really read the Bible. I’ve read passages and verses, but I’ve never read it front to back. Does this make me less of a Christian? I don’t know about that. But, I do feel like if I identify myself as a Christian, I should at the very least, have read the Bible at least once. I had been using an app called YouVersion but was having great difficulty getting the site to open for me. I’ve emailed them and in the meantime found a new site, Bible.Is. What I liked about YouVersion was that you could choose a Bible study plan to follow, where Bible.Is starts you at the beginning. Both are free, so no complaints there.

So, unless YouVersion starts working for me, then I’ll get started with Bible.Is, which incidentally will “read aloud” to you, which is a pretty nice feature. Of course I could just read the Bible in old fashioned book form, but I love technology and am very lucky to have an iPhone and computer at my disposal to enjoy the Bible in this way. So for now, I’m using Bible.Is and will be starting at the beginning, with Genesis. I admit, I’ve attempted to start the Bible many times in the past and stopped. I have the time now to start and can take five minutes of my day to get some reading in. There are no excuses anymore!

If you are aware of another app to help, please let me know!



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